Early Years Music Sessions with Gina

Nurseries and Children Centres

Music Sessions will be provided by Gina Edwards (DBS Checked & Public Liability Insured)
Would your Nursery & Children benefit from Educational Music Sessions:
  • where the Facilitator uses music as a tool to enrich and enhance the learning of your children
  • that in-corporates all areas of the EYFS, COEL, the 3 I’s (Intent, Implementation and Impact) and promotes British Values whilst also highlighting the importance Ofsted places on communicational rhymes and songs and children being cultural learners
  • that place a great value on children’s self – initiated representations and spontaneous musical based activities
  • led by a EYFS qualified level 4 and experienced SENCO who has worked in various childcare settings and roles, including Management for over 14 years
  • that are flexible and adaptable with benefits being evident and measurable in cohort analysis
  • with a Facilitator who encourages and motivates staff to feel confident to offer music as a platform for learning
  • that shows Ofsted your Nursery is working with outside agencies
*** Paid for by Parents or by the Nursery / Organisation***

What a typical music session may look like: (please bear in mind learning intentions and routines will be flexible and responsive to the children’s needs, interests and engagement)

  • Upon entering the room, the Facilitator sings and encourages children to choose an instrument
  • The Facilitator sings the hello song, which is inclusive of every individual child
  • The Facilitator confirms with each child what their chosen instrument is called

This will lead into a circle song so everybody is getting ready to sit, followed by:

  • Vocal warm up exercises
  • Song baskets: Multiple song baskets can be used which have props relating to different topics / subjects such as numbers, animals, occupations, etc
  • Physical activity: Lycra parachute, copy me games – dancing copy me games, pair games, row the boat and story group games
  • Free choice songs
  • Reflection heart beat song which creates a learning platform for the children to better understand the effect exercise has on their body
  • PSED activity looking at Self – confidence and self – awareness
  • The Facilitator encourages the children to measure the impact and give their consultation by exploring what they have learnt and to plan their next steps for future learning
  • Magic carpets, music and meditation

Sessions are generally provided on a weekly basis and multiple sessions to suit different age groups can be conducted in the same visit with session duration being flexible. Pricing is dependent on session requirements and setting location.

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A great fun, educational musical experience for your Children

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