About Us





Musical Mavericks was founded by Gina Edwards and David Cox in October 2018. Currently Gina facilitates the music sessions and David provides business support. Gina has over 17 years of working in the early years sector, in a variety of settings and roles including managing a setting and supporting children with additional needs. David has run music sessions within the care sector for adults and children, many with additional needs since 2005. When Covid-19 struck David joined Gina in the provision of online and off-line music sessions.

The name ‘Musical Mavericks’ was born, because the definition of being a Maverick is to be an ‘independent-minded person’. David and Gina felt this perfectly matched what they wished to encompass in their music sessions. To have independent learners who could cohesively work and thrive together with a sense of belonging, safety and community. Music sessions are designed and run in such a way that harnesses every child’s unique individuality and assists them in being free thinkers, creative and confident learners.

Be a Maverick, be a Trailblazer!!!