Together Music Sessions

Music Sessions in Oakham, Rutland and surrounding areas

Music Sessions for 0-5 year olds 

We will be launching Saturday ‘Together Music Sessions’ soon

Musical Maverick’s ‘Together Music Sessions’ combine Gina’s EYFS knowledge, expertise and experience with Dave’s musical talents, expertise and experience. Your children will be getting a powerhouse of an educational music session with these two working together!
Dave and Gina will be singing and Dave will play his guitar. They’ll be covering all the classic nursery rhymes and other traditional songs for the youngsters whilst encouraging their older siblings to help with the percussion and to keep the rhythm! They’ll also cover lots of different musical genres, introduce and explore the 5 main musical instrument families and of course there’ll be singing and dancing to some modern pop music! There’ll be themed music sessions, games, activities and lots of FUN!

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A great fun, educational musical experience for your Children

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